Tournament Foosball Table



The Tournament Foosball table is designed with commercial quality construction and features tournament 3-men goalies! This table is easy to assemble and can be used in an arcade or any home style game room to provide years of fun!

The ball return is featured on the left and right side of the table, closest to the players. The players are a counter-balanced commercial style in yellow & black and are attached to the rod using roll pins. The bearings are wear resistant and indestructible, saving you on future repairs! The table includes a 4-piece set of balls that are 35 mm and precision round. The legs are rectangular and made of hollow metal. the leg levelers are skid resistant to protect floors in your home or business. The rods are sturdy and can hold up to hours of play!

The tournament style is larger than standard tables! It measures 56.7″L x 29.7″W x 35.5″H and weighs a whopping 231 lbs!